Who We Are:

We are a group of parents, teachers, staff and community members who are passionate about public education as a means to enhance our children’s potential for a healthy and meaningful life. We are Blaine County citizens who wholeheartedly support our schools and teachers. BCEF began in 1992 under the leadership of Len Harlig, Trina McNeal, Ritu Shivdasani, Jim Lewis and Mike Chatterton, who started the BCEF to raise funds for the creation of Founders Field for school sports. Since that time, BCEF has expanded its mission. Now, we hope that by engaging our community and raising resources, and by aligning our programs with the Blaine County School District’s goals, we make a difference in our children’s futures.

The BCEF promotes:

  • Academic Rigor
  • Teacher Excellence
  • Teacher Innovation
  • Equitable Education Opportunities
  • Healthy Student Environment
  • Sustainable Student Environment

Blaine County Education Foundation Staff & Board Members

Kristy Heitzman – Executive Director

Email: kristy@supportbcef.org
Phone: (208) 578-5449

Kristy Heitzman has lived in the Wood River Valley for 16 years. She is an advocate of children with decades of experience working in nonprofits. She has 3 children enrolled in the BCSD.

Alicia Hollis – Chair


Alicia Hollis | Blaine County Education Foundation

Alicia Hollis has been an elementary school teacher for 12 years, most spent in a bilingual classroom. She is a reading specialist at Hemingway STEAM and has two little boys.

Marsha Azorsky

Retired Teacher

Marsha Azorsky | Blaine County Education Foundation

Marsha Azorsky has lived in Hailey full time since 1993. She is a retired teacher and has taught school in Pittsburgh, Meridian, Alaska and Blaine County.

Karen Bliss – Secretary

Retired Teacher

Karen Bliss has lived in Blaine County since 1989; both sons returned to the valley to raise families. A retired dual immersion teacher, she actively supports cultural diversity in the community.

Alyssa Eagan – Treasurer

Community Member

Aly Tolles moved to the Valley in 2016 and loves the nonprofit community. As the Finance Director for Higher Ground, she is passionate about giving everyone the opportunities to meet their goals.

Debbie Brickley


Debbie Brickle Blaine County Education Foundation
Debbie Brickley has two children in the BCSD. She works in global public health, and feels strongly about the importance of high-quality and equitable education in our community.

Lyman Drake

Community Member

Lyman Drake | Blaine County Education Foundation
Lyman Drake is a long-time resident of the Valley and has served on the Board for many years.

Jennifer Card


Jennifer Card Blaine County Education Foundation
Jennifer Card is a passionate supporter of education and an equine veterinarian who has lived in the valley with her family since 1997.

Mitch Hollins

Community Member

Mitch Hollins | Blaine County Education Foundation
Mitch Hollins is a retired attorney and business executive who believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her potential, regardless of background or financial circumstances.

Mark Sauvageau


Mark Savaugeau | Blaine County Education Foundation
Mark Sauvageau has been a BCSD teacher and administrator for 22 years. He and his wife, a first grade teacher, have three girls who love being part of the Wood River Valley.